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LGBTQIA+ Fiction Masterlist

I have created a masterlist of queer fiction books which can be sorted and filtered by your preferences. For example, you can filter by “Young Adult”, “Fantasy” and “WLW Romance” to find YA fantasy books where the main romance is WLW.

Any filters you create will only be shown to you and will disappear when you exit that screen, so please feel free to mess around.

All books included on this list have LGBTQ+ main characters, even if the story itself doesn’t revolve around their identity. The identities listed are held by the main character or prominent side characters (such as a love interest, a character with a POV, or a side character with significant time on page).

Note: this masterlist is intended to be a reference list, not necessarily a recommendation list. Inclusion of books on this masterlist does not mean I endorse the author, the book, or the contents. I have tried to note where authors or books may be harmful, but individuals are strongly encouraged to do their own research before picking up and reading a book.

How to create your own filter:

Step 1:

Open the database.

Step 2:

Select the “Create Your Own Filter” view on the left-hand side.

Step 3:

Click “filter” on the top bar.

Step 4:

Input any filters you would like to organize the files by. The screen will automatically update with books that fit into all of your specifications.

Think I’m missing a queer book or have one that you would like to add? Submit it below & I will review it before adding it to the masterlist of queer books!

Have another suggestion or a correction to existing books in the database? Contact me and let me know!

Corrections can also be submitted via this form.